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Terms & Conditions

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If the requested repair requires labour and/or parts not specified, iMend Tech may seek your approval for a revised estimate. If you do not agree, iMend Tech may charge a minimum $80 diagnostic fee and return your device without repair. This pays for the labor to diagnose your phone. All phones are fixable if we can get access to all parts including motherboards. In some instances this is not possible or it may be too expensive to replace (beyond economical repair). If you decline the quote you will be charged for our time to diagnose the phone @ $160/ hour billed in 15 minute increments.

iMend Tech will under no circumstances be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages resulting from performance of any repair services to the maximum extent permitted by the law, including but not excluding the loss of revenue; loss of opportunity; loss of reputation; loss of goodwill; loss of, damage to, or corruption of data; or any costs of recovering, restoring or programming any data stored or used with your product and any failure to maintain the confidentiality of data stored on your device. iMend Tech under no circumstance will warrant a device that is liquid damaged before or after our repair. iMend Tech does not warrant that it will be able to repair your device without risk to or loss of programs or data and maintain the confidentiality of data. If any device is damaged or lost while in iMend Tech custody, iMend Tech liability will be limited to the cost of the repair or replacement of the affected device. iMend Tech can not be held liable for any loss or corruption of any data including confidential, proprietary, removable or personal information and removable media such as memory cards, floppy discs, CD’s or PC cards. iMend Tech take no responsibility for products lost by courier/post.


The repair prices quoted are based on the information you provide to us verbally or through written communication. It is possible that the repair price of the unit may be higher originally estimated (for example, other unforeseen faults requiring repair) On these occasions you will be consulted in person (if repair carried out on location) or via email or phone (in the case of mail-in repairs) to authorise a new repair or quotation. If we find the fault to be cheaper than first quoted, we will also pass those savings onto our customers.

Minimum Diagnostic Charge

All repairs carry a “Diagnostic fee”. This cost covers the technician’s time and any parts used to attempt the repair on your phone/ tablet. This minimum fee is $80 for your Device.

Repair warranty

In the event your device becomes faulty within the warranty period please notify us by phone or, if using our mail-in service, return the device back with your full account name, address and imei number, a covering letter stating current fault (we are not liable for your costs to return the unit to us). We will investigate and respond as soon as possible. If it is deemed that the issue is directly related to the initial repair, iMend Tech will perform a further repair free of charge and return the device at no cost. If the device cannot be repaired upon its return and it is deemed to be directly caused by the initial repair, iMend Tech will issue a refund on the cost involved with the initial repair.

Unpaid repairs

Your Devicet will be held for a maximum of 30 days after they are either repaired or deemed beyond reasonable repair. We will attempt to make contact with you at least 2 times via email (If email address is provided) and 2 times via phone. If we are unable to make contact within this time period, we will assume the device is unwanted and retain the device to recover any costs associated with its repair.

Liquid Damage Repairs

Liquid damage repairs can be extremely temperamental and are carried out on a “best endeavours” basis, meaning all efforts will be taken to restore the device to its original condition, however, on occasions the original fault can reappear or become progressively worse over time. Our Liquid Damage repairs costs are to payed for iMend Tech Technicians labor. We do not guarantee our work and it does not include any replacement parts.