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If you are a person living on earth, chances are you know and love Apple’s phenomenal iPhone range. Designed to fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle, every single model is a testament to smart, cutting-edge technology.  

While the flagship range is well known for its bold strides both beauty and functionality, iPhone’s quality means there are plenty of older models on the market still making users happy. If you are an iPhone owner, you’re most likely loyal for life.

So what will you do if anything were to happen to your much-loved iPhone? Don’t run to replace it just yet. If your iPhone sustains any kind of damage, iMend Phone can help. We have the expert technicians, high-end tools and quality parts to fix any iPhone. 

Simply get in touch with us at 1300 046 363, request a quote online or visit the store today.

Broken up about a broken iPhone screen? Dry your tears – happy news is here, in the form of iMend!

And just because your iPhone screen broke, doesn’t mean you have to be: iMend can fix it quickly and affordably. Whats more, we stock high-quality aftermarket parts and original quality screens that come with a 6-12 month iMend Guarantee.

Is your iPhone losing juice? Don’t take it to a smoothie bar – it may just need a battery replacement. Batteries have limited charge cycles so if your phone is older than a couple years, replacing your battery is probably inevitable. Thankfully it’s a quick and painless exercise.

Here are some signs your iPhone might have battery damage:
– Shuts off randomly
– Doesn’t charge fully
– Stops charging randomly
– Draining faster
– Doesn’t charge at all

iMend’s skilled technicians can replace your iPhone battery in a flash. We stock aftermarket and original quality parts that come with a 6-12 month iMend Guarantee, ensuring you peace of mind and pocket.

Look, even if you did want an expensive paperweight, you probably wouldn’t have opted for a flat iPhone. Thats why charging issues are so annoying – they take away all the rich functionality of your precious iPhone!

Sometimes, these problems are caused by a hardware malfunction, other times by dust and debris gathering in the charging point.

Not-so-fun fact? Damage to your charging port can also cause sound issues, due to the speaker and microphone being fused together with the port.

Either way, iMend can sort your iPhone’s charging issues out in no time. We use aftermarket and original quality parts that come with a 6-12 month iMend guarantee, so once your charging issues are fixed, they stay fixed.

Ah, nothing better than the sound of silence… said no one with an iPhone ever. If your iPhone is experiencing sound problems, it may be due to speaker issues. Here are some of the symptoms of damaged speakers:
– Distorted sound
– Faint sound
– Sound cutting in and out
– Loudspeaker not working
– Ear speaker not working

Want some sound advice? Contact iMend Phones team of iPhone experts to restore your iPhone’s sound to its glorious best. And best of all – all our repairs are done with high- quality parts that come with a 6-12 month iMend Guarantee.

Life is fleeting – the technology and endurance of your iPhones camera aren’t. So, if it seems like your iPhone cameras functionality disappeared in a flash, it may be time to visit iMend Phones.

Whether it’s a damaged lens or a software fault, we’ll get your photo game back to its best. At iMend, we only use high-quality parts that come with a 6-12 month iMend guarantee, meaning you’ll get maximum bang for your buck.

In life, perception is everything. You already have an iPhone, so you’re doing pretty well on that part. But if your iPhone has broken buttons? Yikes, that’s a few minus points to your cool factor.
Nothing is more aggravating than a button getting progressively worse. Whether it’s a broken button or the supporting flex cable, our techs will restore your iPhone’s responsiveness – along with your good reputation. We can fix your iPhone buttons in no time, using only high-quality parts that come with a 6-12 month iMend Guarantee.

Smooth and sleek, one can just get lost in the beauty of the iPhone’s rear glass panel. Oof, got a little too lost and tripped? Hey, it happens. And even though most iPhones are protected by ion-strengthened glass with oleophobic coating, sometimes they do shatter. 

Don’t worry, iMend can restore your iPhone rear glass panel back to pristine condition. We only use premium parts that come with a 6-12 month iMend Guarantee, meaning your repair will be permanent and not prone to the kinds of problems you get from low-quality repairs.

Is your iPhone behaving like a wet weekend? Well, it could just be… wet. And, you know, it shouldn’t be. 

Even though most iPhones are IP67 dust/water resistant, you still shouldn’t be getting them wet. In fact, most phone manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover liquid damage.

If you’ve slipped up (into a puddle), don’t stress yet. Here’s what you do if your so-called water-resistant iPhone gets a dunk:  

-Turn off your phone and DO NOT turn it back on. 

-If the liquid damage was caused by saltwater, give it a rinse under the tap.

-Don’t plug it into the charger until the port is completely dry. 3-4 hours in sunlight should be sufficient in our Queensland climate.

-Get your iPhone to iMend! We can do a basic check FREE of charge at the front desk without opening the phone.

If you have an older model, simply turn off the phone right away, shake off excess water and get it to us ASAP. DO NOT attempt to turn it back on. 

Liquid damage can be fatal, but if you get your iPhone to us in quick time, we have the experience and tools to save a majority of water-damaged iPhones. 

We may need up to 24 hours – but you can rest assured that any replacement parts come with our robust 6-12 month iMend Guarantee. Be sure to visit us in the iMend store, phone us at 1300 046 363 or request a quote online.