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iMend Phones fix every make and model of tablet from Apple to Kogan. If the device is not listed, fill out the enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quote.

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Sunshine Coast’s #1 Tablet and iPad Repairers

Tablet Repairs

The world’s first computer filled up a warehouse and weighed 25 tons. Today, you can access all of the information in the universe from an electronic slab that fits into your bag.

Yep, tablets have come a long way from the stone ones Moses favoured. Whether you like the iconic iPad or the modern classic Samsung Galaxy 10, nobody can deny that the tablet’s innovative design and portability have changed the way we consume media forever.

But what if you channel Moses yourself and your tablet gets smashed? Or cracked, or goes flat, or sustains water damage? No need to turn to a higher power – simply keep calm, and ring iMend Phones!

We fix any tablet quickly and affordably. Give us a call on 1300 046 363, request a quote online, or pop into our iMend store today.

Screen Repairs

We could all use a break. Well, almost all of us – we can imagine your tablet’s screen wouldn’t be too happy about a break, scratch or crack. And you won’t be thrilled having to look through ugly cracks on your favourite device.

Even though most tablet screens these days are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, accidents do happen, and the extra weight of a tablet lends itself to more powerful impacts.

But have no fear, iMend and our team of experts are here. We’ll fix your tablet screen in a flash, using high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Battery Replacement

Here’s a handy guide to flat things:

Pancakes= good
Tablet battery= bad

The tablet was supposed to free us from our chargers, so if you’re spending more time connected than not – it might be that your tablet battery is dying a slow death.

Here are a few common tablet battery problems to look out for:

• Not charging all the way to 100%
• Randomly shutting down
• Draining much faster than normal
• Always shutting down at a specific percentage
• Not charging at all

Any of that sound familiar? Then it’s time to give iMend’s experts a ring. We can replace any model tablet battery for you, quickly and affordably. It’s one of the most straightforward tablet fixes around, so there’s no reason not to power your tablet with a powerful new battery.

Even better: all our high-quality parts come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Charging Issues

Hey, who died and left you in charge? Oh, your tablet died? And you can’t charge it? Because of a mysterious issue? Oof.

Before you press charges against us for that terrible joke, give iMend a ring.

We can diagnose and solve any brand of tablet’s charging issues quickly and affordably. Plus, we’ll do so using genuine parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Speaker Issues

There’s no sound like a broken tablet speaker. No, really. There’s no sound.

In fact, most tablets come equipped with stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos sound, so if you’re not hearing anything, and you’re sure the volume is up (you’d be surprised…), there might be something wrong. Here are the symptoms of broken speakers:

• No sound
• Sound oscillating in and out
• Lack of audio during calls
• Ringtone not working
• Ear speaker faint or not working

If you have experienced any of these, speak now, or forever hold your broken tablet speakers.

iMend’s skilled technicians are more than capable of fixing any sound issue by making exclusive use of top-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Camera Repairs

You probably travel far and wide with your iPad or tablet, photographing the story of your life. From fancy restaurants to glittering beaches, to that beautifully slippery staircase… Oops.

Whether it’s due to damage from a fall, or merely dusty lenses or faulty hardware, iMend can fix your broken tablet or iPad camera. We offer quick and cost-effective repairs for any brand of tablet, using only high-quality parts with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Button Repairs

Whoa, who’s been pushing your buttons? Nobody? Because your tablet buttons are unresponsive? Oh dear, well, we’d be cranky too if we couldn’t use our iPad or Huawei.

No need to make this a hot button issue though. iMend can easily fix any model of tablet’s broken buttons. What’s more, we’ll do so using quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee.

Water Damage Repairs

You know the old saying: “like a tablet out of water”? Of course not, because that would be where tablets are supposed to be. Out of water.

Seriously, even though many tablets now have a water/dust resistant IP68 rating, you should absolutely not put them in water. Many manufacturers’ warranties don’t even extend to liquid damage!

So, if you suspect your water-resistant tablet might have sustained liquid damage, follow these steps immediately:

1. Take a deep breath and switch off your tablet. Don’t switch it back on.
2. Did it sustain saltwater damage? Give it a quick rinse under the tap.
3. Don’t plug it into the charger until the port is completely dry. 3-4 hours in sunlight
should be sufficient in our Queensland climate.
4. Rush down to the iMend store right now. We can do a basic check FREE of charge at the front desk without opening the tablet.

If your tablet is not water-resistant jump straight from step 1 to step 4!

The sooner you get your water-damaged tablet to iMend, the higher its recovery rate will be.

We can fix any model from any brand quickly and effectively, using high-quality parts that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee. Visit iMend in-store today, ring us on 1300 046 363 or request a quote online.