Samsung Galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S10

Are you still holding out for the perfect 10/10 phone before you upgrade? Well, wait no longer – the exquisite Samsung Galaxy S10 is here.

A 6.1-inch powerhouse, the S10 boasts latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Add in a triple-lens camera array, an impressive battery life, and Wireless PowerShare, and you’ve got a phone that’s pretty much perfect. 

And wow – is this one a beauty! With a stunning Infinity-O display, scrolling through your feeds now becomes a near-bezel-less, cinematic experience. The S10 itself comes in a variety of fashionable colours, including black, white, blue, pink and green. 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to let a phone as amazing as this one out of your sight, and you probably treat it extra carefully. However, we are not made by Samsung – we are human, and therefore flawed. Sometimes things slip, crash, and shatter. 

But don’t let human error (or a Samsung fault) get in the way of you enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S10. At iMend, we offer quick, affordable S10 repairs, using original Samsung parts for your peace of mind. 

We have experience with a wide range of S10 problems, and all our repairs come with a 12-month iMend Guarantee. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 screen enjoyed a complete redesign, allowing for a Dynamic AMOLED, distraction-free view with its Infinity-O display. Of course, with a screen as mesmerising as this one, who could blame you if you didn’t see that lamp post? 

Should your screen shatter, don’t panic – just bring it down to iMend, where our replacement parts are all sourced from Samsung Service Centre and come with the reassurance of our 12-month iMend Guarantee. 

Our “good-as-new” repairs only take 45 minutes, meaning you can get back to scrolling ASAP. Phone us today at 1300 046 363, or simply fill out our online quote form.


($90 if fitted with another repair* )

Three cheers for the Samsung Galaxy S10’s gorgeous rear glass panel. Reinforced with ultra-strong Gorilla Glass 5, this phone is one tough cookie.

However, sometimes, cracks and scratches can appear, marring your S10’s beauty. Don’t let it! iMend can help restore your glass panel back to its original condition. We only use genuine Samsung parts that come with a 12-month iMend Guarantee, so top quality is assured

Call us now at 1300 046 363, fill out our online quote form, or swing by our friendly iMend store.

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After a draining day, all you want is to snuggle up with your Samsung Galaxy S10. But what if that’s drained as well? Oh boy. Although your S10’s 3,400-mAh battery usually has a long life, each time you charge it, you are one step closer to “old age” and the likelihood of problems. 

Here are some signs your S10 battery needs replacing:

  • Battery percentage varies all the time
  • Phone won’t switch on
  • Never charging to 100%
  • Phone shutting down randomly
  • Phone won’t charge at all

Luckily, iMend’s can replace your S10 battery in no time at all, using genuine Samsung parts that come with a 12-month iMend Guarantee. Now that should give you back some energy! 

Head down to iMend today, ring us at 1300 046 363, or request a quote online. 

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 has ultra-quick battery charging (15W) and wireless charging (15W) capabilities, not to mention a reverse wireless charging (9W) feature. 

With all these options available, it’s extra frustrating when your S10 doesn’t charge properly. Sometimes it’s due to dust and debris collecting in the port, other times to dodgy third-party apps. The charging port is also fused together with the microphone and headphone jack, meaning your charging problem might also result in sound problems.

Never fear – iMend can fix any charging issue your S10 in 45 minutes, including completely replacing your charging port – if the damage is more serious. We only use genuine Samsung parts, so you’re assured of long-lasting quality, as well as a handy 12-month iMend Guarantee.

Head down to iMend, fill out our online quote form or phone us at 1300 046 363.

A phone with broken speakers? That’s just… unspeakable. 

Terrible jokes aside, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has state of the art Dolby Atmos/AKG sound. So if your speakers aren’t working impeccably, there may be something amiss. 

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • S10 has no sound
  • Sound dropping in and out
  • No audible ringtone
  • A faint sound, or distortion
  • No sound during calls

iMend can repair S10 speaker problems in no time at all. We have the skills, the tools and the experience to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. We only use authentic Samsung parts that come with a 12-month iMend Guarantee, so you can be confident you’re getting the real deal.

Ring us at on 1300 046 363, request a quote online or pay a visit to our iMend store today.

With triple-lens cameras, including telephoto, standard and wide-angle shooters, the Samsung Galaxy S10 can make a pro photographer out of you – even if you don’t know which side of the selfie stick you’re on.

Not that that will be a worry with the S10, as the unique design incorporates a front-facing, hole-punch shaped camera lens directly in the screen. Are you staring at your screen or at yourself? With the S10, the answer could be both! 

Of course, all this self-care means nothing if your S10 camera is acting iffy. But worry not –iMend can troubleshoot and fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 camera within 45 minutes. What’s more, we’ll do so using genuine Samsung parts that come with a 12-month iMend Guarantee.

Call us today on 1300 046 363. You can also fill out our online quote form or visit our iMend store.

We think the Samsung Galaxy S10 is just cute as a button! However, if its actual buttons are lagging or unresponsive, the cuteness is undoubtedly diminished.

Don’t let that happen! iMend can easily fix S10 button problems, whether it’s due to damage or simply wear and tear. We do it using authentic Samsung parts with a 12-month iMend Guarantee – in under 45 minutes! 

Get in touch today at 1300 046 363, request a quote online or swing by to our iMend store.

Ah, who doesn’t love a good swim? Well, your Samsung Galaxy S10 for one! Although it is IP68 dust/waterproof, this is more for getting caught in the rain. Don’t put your phone in the water on purpose! 

Oh, you already did that? Oof. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of “water-resistant” phones sustaining liquid damage. Even more unfortunately, phone warranties usually don’t cover that. 

But don’t panic just yet. Instead, do this: 

  1. Switch off your phone! 
  2. Did your S10 go for a swim in the sea or another type of saltwater? Wash it out under a tap with fresh water.
  3. Don’t plug it into the charger until the port is completely dry. 3-4 hours in sunlight should be sufficient in our Queensland climate.
  4. Get down to iMend ASAP. We can do a basic check FREE of charge at the front desk without opening the phone.

iMend can repair your liquid damaged S10 in 24 hours. We use only authentic Samsung parts that come with a 12-month Guarantee, so your precious Samsung Galaxy S10 is in good hands!

Fix your S10 today by ringing 1300 046 363, filling out our online quote form or visiting us in the iMend store.

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