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Smartphone Repair Specialists

Imagine life without smartphones. No way to quickly contact your nearest and dearest, no
listening to your favourite tunes on the go, and no camera in your pocket to capture life’s
magical moments.
In less than two decades, smartphones have completely revolutionised the way we live.
Whether you favour the cutting-edge technology of Sony, the power of iPhone and
Samsung, the old-school style of Nokia, or even some of the newer figures, like Xiaomi or
OPPO, life without a smartphone is likely pretty hard to imagine.
So, what to do when the worst happens, and you’re confronted with a life without your
Well, you simply contact iMend Phones, of course! We can fix any issue on any brand of
smartphone, quickly and affordably. If your beloved smartphone breaks, simply ring us at
1300 046 363, request a quote online, or visit us in-store.

Screen Repairs

What’s cracking? Oh, your smartphone screen? Well, that’s not good. But don’t crack under
pressure yet. iMend can fix any kind of screen damage, from hairline scratches to shattered
What’s more, we’ll do so using only original parts that come with a 12-month iMend
guarantee – no matter what brand you have, we’ll fix it!

Battery Replacement

Nobody wants to be replaced. But, when your smartphone battery starts acting up, it might
be inevitable. No matter how advanced your battery, the one thing holds true: each charge
takes that battery closer to old age.
Here are some signs that it’s time for a smartphone battery change:
– Smartphone not charging fully
– Smartphone turning on and off
– Smartphone draining faster than usual
– Smartphone shutting down at a specific percentage
– Smartphone not charging at all
Luckily, iMend’s experts can replace any brand of smartphone battery for you and as far as
repairs go this is the easiest and most affordable fix around.

We stock a wide range of authentic and high quality aftermarket parts, ensuring your phone gets the best quality
possible. Even better: all our parts come with a 6-12 month iMend Guarantee.

Rear Glass Panel Repairs

A testament to beautiful design, the majority of smartphones have adopted the trend of
sleek, smooth glass back panels. Although many brands are reinforced by Corning Gorilla
Glass, accidents do happen, and smartphones do shatter or scratch.
Don’t let the laws of gravity ruin your gorgeous smartphone! iMend can help restore your
glass panel to pristine condition. Plus, we use authentic parts where possible that come with a 6-12 month
iMend guarantee, so top quality is a guarantee.

Charging Issues

Short horror story: you reach for your smartphone, ready to browse the latest memes… but
it’s flat. It’s been flat for hours. And it just doesn’t seem to be able to charge.
Alright, stop screaming. Even though charging issues are very real, and often caused by
faulty cables and dusty sockets, iMend can fix any charging problems on any brand of
On top of that, we are also quick, efficient, and we use genuine parts where possible that come with a
6-12 month iMend Guarantee.

Speaker Issues

“It’s not that I don’t want to hear, it’s that I… can’t.”
Don’t let smartphone speaker problems ruin your relationships. If you’re having sound
issues, it may be time to get to iMend.
Here are the symptoms of broken smartphone speakers:
– No sound at all
– Sound cutting in and out
– No audio during calls
– Ringtone always silent
– Ear speaker faint or silent
Any of the above sound familiar? Don’t fret. We can fix any smartphone speaker issue at an
affordable price, using original parts that come with a 12-month iMend Guarantee. And
there you have it – another relationship saved!

Camera Repairs

A picture paints a thousand words. And a perfectly angled, expertly edited smartphone
selfie? Millions. So, don’t settle for short sentences just because your smartphone camera is

Although most smartphones have evolved leaps and bounds in camera technology,
sometimes issues can still occur due to a variety of problems, including dirty lenses and
hardware malfunctions. Luckily, iMend can sort out these issues in no time.
We can get your smartphone camera back to picture-perfect condition using only authentic
parts from a variety of brands. And the filter on top? It all comes with a 12-month iMend
guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind and a beautiful camera roll.

Button Repairs

Smartphone buttons stuck or unresponsive? It could be due to several factors, such as
software or hardware malfunctions. But don't hit the panic button just yet. Instead hit up
iMend (gently).
We can repair the button problems on any brand of smartphone, using only authentic parts
that come with a 12-month iMend guarantee for your peace of mind. Contact us today:
we'll have you button-bashing again in no time.

Water Damage Repairs

Sure, most smartphones have state-of-the-art cameras. And sure, many of them have an
IP68 rating, making them dust/water-resistant. However, and we cannot stress this enough,
this doesn’t translate to your smartphone being an underwater camera.
In fact, you should never place your phone underwater, no matter how lovely the goldfish
are looking. Many manufacturers’ warranties don’t even extend to liquid damage.
If your smartphone sustained liquid damage, the experts at iMend can help. Here’s what to
do if you have a water-resistant phone:
1. Turn off your smartphone and keep it off. Only switch it on if the experts give their okay.
2. If it sustained saltwater damage, give it a quick rinse under the tap.
3. Don’t plug it into the charger until the port is completely dry. 3-4 hours in sunlight
should be sufficient in our Queensland climate.
4. Go to iMend NOW. We can do a basic check FREE of charge at the front desk without
opening the phone.
If your phone is NOT water-resistant, start at step 1 and then skip straight to step 4. And
don’t delay, when it comes to liquid damage time is of the essence.
iMend can repair your liquid damaged smartphone using only authentic parts that come
with a 12-month guarantee. Fix it today by ringing 1300 046 363, filling out our online quote
form or visiting us at the iMend store.