iPhone Screen Repairs Sunshine Coast

iPhone Screen Repairs – Sunshine Coast

At iMend Phones, we know all-too-well the common challenges that Sunshine Coast iPhone users have.

Problem #1 – My gorgeous iPhone screen, which Apple says is near destructible, is now cracked, shattered, or non-responsive.

Problem #2 – I got an iPhone screen repair but the touch display isn’t as responsive as before and after several months the screen started coming away at the edges.

Problem 1 sucks. Problem 2 compounds the suckage.

That’s why you should turn to iMend for your iPhone screen repair and screen replacement (including the rear glass).

Our team of technicians know every iPhone model so well they could do the repairs blindfolded. They don’t – but they could!

We use the best tools and either genuine Apple parts or the highest-quality aftermarket alternatives combined with our rock-solid 12-month iMend guarantee of repair.

Even the most tricky iPhone screen replacement can be completed in 45 minutes or less and at a very affordable price – so give us a call, submit a form, or bring your iPhone in for repairs and let’s get your phone looking (and performing) as good as new.

We Perform iPhone Screen Repairs On These Models

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The iMend Difference

A Winning Team

From our technicians through to our customer support – we pride ourselves and provind our Sunshine Coast neighbours with the best phone repair service around. We are here to help and serve the community – to keep away the broken mobile phone blues!

45 Minutes or Less

Bring your damaged iPhone in to iMend and even in the case of a full screen replacement, we will have your iPhone repaired with a screen that looks and responds as if it was brand new, within 45 minutes. No separation anxiety required.

12-Month iMend Guarantee

We are so confident in our team, our tools, and the sourcing of genuine and high-quality aftermarket parts that all of our iPhone repairs come with a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour. Basically, when we fix something it stays fixed.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair FAQs

Is my screen replacement made with genuine Apple parts?

iMend Phones is a third-party mobile phone repairer – as such Apple iPhone replacement screens are not available to us and the same goes for all third-party repairers.

Our components fall into two categories.

  1. Genuine Parts : We have created programs to source used and refurbished screens that, while not off the factory line, are Apple-made and tested to ensure their quality is as good as new.
  2. High-quality Aftermarket and OEM Parts: We have travelled abroad to find manufacturers of high-quality parts, which meet the same specifications as those created by Apple. In some cases, for certain parts of a screen assembly, the components come from the same manufacturer that supplies Apple. These are OEM parts – Original Equipment Manufacturer. We have invested in stringent testing of components to ensure that they meet the highest standard, which is why we can offer our robust 12-month iMend Guarantee. Unfortunately, many other repair shops use inferior parts and while your repair may seem fine in the short term, it’s only a matter of time before the (lack of) quality shows. 
Will third party repairs void my warranty?

Thanks to the landmark ruling from the ACCC in 2018, third party repairs from businesses like iMend Phones will not void your warranty with Apple. This ruling was a gamechanger, breaking Apple’s dominance over the repair process and freeing customers to find more affordable repair services for their iPhones whilst maintaining the warranty with Apple.

How long will my repair take?

Our most extensive screen replacement repairs can take up to 45 minutes. That means you can drop off your phone, go grab a coffee, and when you return your iPhone screen will be good as new. Some repairs will be a lot quicker – 45 minutes is really the worst-case scenario.

The only thing you need to be aware of is if dropping your phone off close to closing time – if you want your repair completed on the same day, please book your phone in earlier in the day to be safe.

Need an iPhone Screen Replacement or Repair on the Sunshine Coast?

The friendly and talented team at iMend are standing by to get your iPhone back to its best. Give us a call, submit a form, or bring your iPhone in for repairs and let’s get your phone looking (and performing) as good as new.

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