A Guide to Phone Battery Replacements

From Your Phone and Tablet Battery Repair Specialists at iMend.


Did you know that your smartphone batteries are consumable? No, that doesn’t mean you can eat it.  It means that your iPhone (or Samsung, or Sony, or Huawei, etc.) battery was not made to last. Each time you plug it into for a charge, it is one day closer to “old age” and reduced performance. 

In short, batteries chemically age. They are not made to last and are thus the only consumable in your smartphone or tablet.

Thankfully, at iMend Phones, we can fix and replace any smartphone or tablet battery in less than 30 minutes. We can even upgrade the battery of some models so that you get experience even BETTER than the day you got the phone.  All you need to do is get in touch by phoning us at 1300 046 363 or requesting a quote online. Better yet, visit us in-store, and we’ll sort you out in no time. 

How long do smartphone batteries last?

Let’s look at Apple’s lithium batteries as an example. 

From their own website you can see this fact:

A typical battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles when operating under normal conditions.

If you charge your phone every day, 500 charges/cycles will take you to around 16 months. Not even a year and a half. 

The good news is that if you charge from 40% to 80% battery life (rather than the extreme 0% to 100%), you can increase the life of your battery dramatically. 

This would be more like 800-1500 cycles. 

What do battery problems look like? 

The main problem is the reduced battery capacity. Those 12 hours you used to get may be down to 9, for example. 

In more extreme cases, users may experience random shutdowns, batteries that can’t charge to 100%, rapid depletion of battery charge and of course all the software annoyances that kick in to help low battery like dimmed screens, slower performance, etc. 

Mobile battery care tips

Don’t feel rejected, but at iMend, we don’t want to see you. 

Because that means your precious device is in trouble. We know how gutting it can feel. How it can inconvenience both life and work. 

So to make sure you don’t have to see us any time soon, here are some mobile battery care tips to remember:

  • We don’t recommend leaving your phone to charge overnight. 
  • The battery health software on Apple phones is not as accurate as you might think. In our experience, our 3rd party tools are much more reliable. How accurate? We can test Apple batteries with an accuracy margin of 0.1%. It’s a dodgy practice, and they’re getting called out on it
  • Don’t consider buying a cheap charger. Original chargers and cables (and aftermarket options with the right amp and volt output) are the only things you should consider for your device. A cheap alternative can damage the battery or worse, the motherboard. 

Replace your battery at iMend Phones

If you suspect your tablet or phone battery needs replacing, bring it in, and we’ll run a test.  We recommend that any battery running at less than 85% of its designed capacity should be replaced.  On the bright side, we replace over 1,000 batteries every year and as far as repairs go – they are as quick and easy as it gets. 

And affordable. 

In fact, if we’re doing another repair on your device, we can replace your battery for no extra labour cost – just the retail price of the battery. 

We stock genuine iPhone and iPad batteries as well as premium Samsung Galaxy batteries. And they come with our 12-month iMend Guarantee for extra peace of mind and for some Apple models, we can even upgrade your phone with a battery that has more capacity than the original! 

So if you suspect your phone’s battery is on the decline, pop in, and we’ll test it for you. You can also call us at 1300 046 363 or request a quote online.